Site Scan Analysis


SEO onpage analysis of your website
for better rankings on Google
– On-page analysis of the current status
– Technical analysis
– Content analysis
– Usability analysis
– Strategy development with recommendations for action as part of an action plan


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Provision of comprehensive analysis results on the strengths and weaknesses of your website. You will receive recommendations for action in the form of an action plan, individually tailored to the objectives and strategy of your website.

The result: a list of recommendations sorted by task
– Content (for the website operator)
– Technology (for the webmaster) and
– Surroundings (Competitors).

Further information: The ToDo list is to be understood as a list of recommendations that is only implemented with your decisions. The tasks are rated according to priority and amount of effort. The analysis contains further necessary information for decision-making. A subsequent phone call (or video chat) to clarify any open questions is included.
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