SEA Google Ads


Search engine advertising through Google Ads
to increase brand awareness, website traffic and leads
– Keyword analysis to determine all keywords relevant for campaigns
– Conception of your campaign structure
– Setup of campaigns, ad groups and ads
– Set up the extension to increase campaign performance
– Monitoring and continuous optimization measures


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We support you to use your budget for search engine advertising effectively. After approval of the keywords we have analyzed, we create a well thought-out concept for the structure of your Google Ads campaigns. This therefore includes the setup of relevant campaigns, ad groups and ads including extensions in your Google Ads account, as well as the subsequent control and implementation of optimization measures to increase the campaign performance.

Result: Your Google Ads ads will be shown exactly to the target groups you want to reach
– to increase your level of awareness.

– to increase the traffic on your website.
– with the aim of generating more leads.
Further information: Our SEA Google Ads support will be charged on a monthly basis and can be canceled at any time. If required, we can also set up conversion tracking to measure success as an additional service. A regular report (phone call or video chat) is included.

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