Page SEO


Search engine optimization of your website
for better rankings on Google
– Setting all relevant keywords
– Analysis of the complete website including all sub-pages
– Rewriting and restructuring your content (after approval), if neccessary
– Metadata, link and logic check
– Recommendation for additional content


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After approval of the keywords analyzed by us, we carry out content optimization on all relevant pages of your website. You decide whether you want to give us access to the backend of your website or whether we send you the optimized content using a word processing program.

The result: Your website is going to be optimized concerning technical and content-related aspects
– in order to reiceive a better Google ranking
– for a better user experience
– with the goal of generating more leads.

Creation time: 1 to 2 weeks. We assume a normal size of 20 to 30 subpages. Finally, you will receive a list of recommendations as to which content or plugins would enrich your website. Time for questions in a subsequent phone call (or video chat) is included.
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