Information portals with top Google rankings

With our portfolio of travel information portals, we occupy some of the top rankings on Google. In line with the character of the travel destination and with the aim of awakening a desire to travel, we have designed our travel portals with their very own branding.

We accompany travelers online before, during and after their trip by providing them with all the important information about their desired destination.

Perfect advertising platform for travel-savvy users

In addition, our travel domains provide information about where to find the best accommodation, which airline offers the best connections, which equipment should be part of the packing list or where you can order souvenirs online.

We offer providers of such or similar products and services attractive advertising opportunities for a travel-savvy audience on the German-speaking market.

Exclusive visibility for tourism boards

We offer tourism boards the opportunity to present the fascination of their travel destination on an exclusive content page within the structure of the respective travel portal.

Benefit from top rankings and reach a travel-savvy audience on the German-speaking market.

Attractive target group

Approx. 300,000 users * per month in the travel domain network (* all domains accumulated)
Each visitor has an average stay of 3 to 5 minutes per domain
German-speaking target group between the ages of 45 and 75, from D-A-CH.
Users are looking for travel and travel equipment and buy them online.
The consumer interests are travel, sports, photography and equipment.
The website visitors book trips for an average of € 3,000 per person.

Advertising opportunities on our travel domains

Travel domain network

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