Customer management

If a user does not find what they are looking for on your website or WebApp, they will leave the page and possibly ask a search engine for results. Or you contact your users directly by using a chatbot.

„Artificial intelligence (AI) can help personalize customer communication more effectively and better channel interaction through bot. In addition, companies can gain insight into the behavior or preferences of their customers through artificial intelligence and the automatic analysis of the answers already given and thus respond better. As a result, customers can feel better picked up and understood.”

Tom Honnes, Teamleader 7o7 Marketing GmbH

The perfect Chatbot-Story for more Leads

se this technology on your website! Our Swiss partner aiaibot sets standards in technology, security and usability.

We design the ideal chatbot story for you to generate more leads and get more insight into the behavior of your users. Because not only do you make new customers from users, but above all satisfied customers!

Chatbots for different interactions

Fitpass – Leads
Dr.Gay – Help
We make it – Value – FAQ

Example-Case for car dealers

„The range of services e. g. a car dealership is diverse. The customer can quickly get lost, even if the website is structured in this way. Many users want to be targeted. Ideally, a chatbot does this on the website as an introduction. There is also a lot to catch here seasonally: For example, if the phone is not at a standstill in spring and autumn because customers want to schedule a tire change – all of this can save time with a chatbot and intelligent digital routing.”

Jörg Ehrlich, CEO 7o7 Marketing GmbH

Autohaus Franz – Customer control

Let’s start

In the first conversation we determine the needs and the target group on your website … “What does the customer want?”, “What does the customer expect as a decision-making aid?”, “What should your chatbot be called and look like?”. After the analysis, we build the chatbot story, in which all use cases are mapped. And finally, the chatbot is easily integrated into your website with a line of code.

Get started now with your own chatbot story

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