Johann-Georg Cyffka

At the GIZ-Conference 2018

Only a few months ago I pedaled my bike through Georgia and Azerbaijan. Now I was invited to participate in the GIZ event as a travel and marketing expert as well as sustainability representative at the Regional Academy ‘Cross-border Tourism’, organized by the German GIZ.

Together Georgians, Armenians and Azerbaijanis worked under German guidance on the development of cross-border tourism projects. The sustainable travel concepts of DIAMIR Erlebnisreisen were in great demand and aroused great interest among the participants. Generally, the Caucasus is increasingly visited by western tourists. Ancient cultural assets, beautiful mountain scenery, and delicious cuisine have already impressed many visitors to the Caucasus.

The desire to travel for the “balcony of Europe” is quickly awakened, only it can then be badly turned off again…

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