730 pages full of passion for travelling

We have already published in our portfolio 11 country magazines, which were all published as official travel magazines in the name of the respective tourism representatives. These include magazines of the destinations Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia and Tahiti, which were produced with the editorial and design implementation.

The magazines convince with an exciting portfolio: besides the times tables of the national customer the readers learn a lot of interesting and inspiring about the respective country. It has also been possible to give each magazine its own character through the appropriate paper selection, print enhancements, stunning photos in full color and the individual layout. The magazines contain captivating stories and portraits that go beyond the content of a classic travel guide and are available both online and as a print variant.

As a print, the country magazines are available at https://issuu.com/7o7marketing and can be linked directly. The empirical values ​​from 2016 allow an estimate of 10,000 online readers per magazine per year, 2,000 downloads.

Included in magazine production is also their distribution to end customers and multipliers such as travel agencies, trade press and travel agencies. This includes mailing to 2,000 private households and travel agencies as well as trade fair sales at more than 9 regional fairs with a reach of 850,000 visitors. In addition, high-quality print magazines can be ordered by end users or travel-lovers all year round at www.7o7.com/shop .

We offer international travel agencies a complete tailor-made package for the production of a high-quality country magazine including design, editorial and sales in the German-speaking source market.

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